Friday, November 22, 2013

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Got through the weigh in. I was only 45 kg over. Very happy with that. Food and gear should be about 100lbs at the start. 

After the weigh in I spent a few hours laying around the beach and recharged my batteries. 


  1. Um, that's like 100lbs over. Tubby tubby.

    1. Commenting as me huh.

      When I booked the expedition they said if I was over they would charge me the difference, but if I was under there was no refund, so I guessed on the light side.

  2. Ha! It makes it look like you are commenting on yourself. Ron is cleaning out the shower room btw and he is making funny comments.

  3. Ha, and when you comment as me it makes it look like I'm talking to myself. Of course I'll be doing a lot of that before long.